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Stillweather Spirits

Crafted by neighbors in the Pacific Northwest

Unique Flavors To Be Enjoyed On Their Own And In Craft Inspired Cocktails! 

Stillweather Spirits is an American craft distillery founded by neighbors that share a view about enjoying friends, family, neighbors and spirits!  We are currently producing 3 premium botanical spirits, with more in the works.  Craft Gins and Aquavit offer opportunities for unique flavor profiles and craft inspired cocktails.  Our intent is to make the finest spirits available with a nod to the flavor profiles and seasons of the Pacific Northwest.  We believe the craft spirit movement is about honoring the traditions and history of the past while adding a modern twist to the new age cocktail culture.  Join us and share our view!

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We are Neighbors that share a fence line, as well as a vision for the future


Beautifully crafted Gin & Aquavit. We are committed to delivering flavorful and unique spirits for you to enjoy.


We do our best to support other local businesses to give back to our community.

Inspired Cocktails

Craft gins offer opportunities for unique flavor profiles and craft inspired cocktails. Take a look at some of our recipes and try them at home. 

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If you're looking for a Gin that's a little different from what you're used to, this is the one for you!


on facebook
They make some fantastic gin!!!

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