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American Gin

London Dry meets the New World. A bold yet utterly smooth 90.8 proof Gin built on a London Dry style base of Juniper berries and Coriander, big Orange Citrus follow with clean Pepper to back up this very well layered Spirit. Pour this Gin over ice and enjoy it as a sipper, or use it in amazing cocktails! This Award winning Gin is very versatile and keeps you engaged from start to finish.
90.8 Proof

West Coast Gin

A contemporary style Gin with a focus on the floral back notes of the Juniper berry. This Gin starts with a beautiful and light Cucumber nose. Crisp and clean Juniper, mild Coriander and deep Lemon notes fill the palette with a crack of White Pepper to finish. A favorite for G&Ts, pre-prohibition cocktails, and our favorite, a West Coast Lemonade, this Gin will bring a smile to your face.
84 Proof

Pluvia Vitae Aquavit

Pluvia Vitae means "Rain of Life" and this Spirit is our ode the Pacific Northwest Rains. Caraway is the star here, with Hawthorn berries and Tart Cherries making up the backbone of this Spirit. Bright Dill, Grapefruit peel, and a light touch of Star Anise finish this wonderful Spirit off. Enjoy as a chilled shot, a straight sipper, or let your imagination play and try it in place of other spirits in almost any cocktail.
88 Proof

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