Stillweather Spirits

Stillweather Spirits embodies what it means to come together and live in the moment. Our spirits are crafted to be enjoyed as a shared experience, a celebration, or simply to pair with a beautiful sunset at the end of a long day. Our style is unapologetic, kicking aside airs and breaking the molds that contain us. This boozy collaboration between neighbors sips well with friends of all sorts.

Stillweather Spirits is a boozy collaboration between neighbors in Oregon.

Meet Our Family of Spirits

American Gin

Style: London Dry meets Pacific Northwest New World
ABV: 45.4%

Botanical Profile: Expanding on an aromatic juniper profile, our American Gin is a beautiful composition of piney and bitter juniper, deep orange and lemon peel and just a hint of bright licorice and fennel at the back of the palate. Complementing the rich citrus, we have notes of fresh spicy ginger and clean black pepper. The ginger refreshes your palate allowing you to enjoy the layered flavors with every sip.

Crafted using a wheat grain neutral spirit base, we created our American Gin to be enjoyed in cocktails at a party, over an ice cube after a long day, and always with friends. Come share our view!

Available in Oregon in 750 ML bottles at 90 Proof for $27.95 from OLCC liquor stores.

West Coast Gin

Style: New World with Fresh Cucumber
ABV: 42%

Botanical Profile: Our West Coast Gin is a unique and special offering with a cucumber nose that doesn’t linger on the palate, a clean juniper backed by bright lemon peel, and a crisp pop of white pepper at the back of the tasting. This bottled bit of sunshine embodies the stunning Pacific Northwest summer days while bringing a bit of that sun-kissed warmth to rainy days.

Crafted from the same wheat grain neutral spirit base that we use for our American Gin, the West Coast Gin utilizes the gin basket to get a true fresh cucumber nose and lemon flavor. Pour a touch over ice or use it to dream up light and bright summer-inspired cocktails. 

Available in Oregon in 750 ML bottles at 84 Proof for $31.95 from OLCC liquor stores.

Pluvia Vitae Aquavit

Style: Pacific Northwest Aquavit
ABV: 44%

Botanical Profile: PLUVIA VITAE, or “rain of life,” is an aquavit style botanical spirit with expressive notes of caraway, hawthorn berries, and tart cherries. Grapefruit, bitter orange, dill, and star anise awake in the palette and provide a clean, well-balanced finish period this spirit is smithed in a bold 88 proof and can be enjoyed as a chilled shot, or a base for distinctive cocktails.

PLUVIA VITAE presents an ode to the life-giving rain for which the Pacific Northwest is famous. We use high-quality ingredients to make our spirits, and small batches, with a focus on creativity and flavor.


Available in Oregon in 750 ML bottles at 88 Proof for $34.95 from OLCC liquor stores.

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