Stillweather Spirits embodies what it means to be in the here and now: to live in the moment, and really let those little moments in life resonate. Stillweather Spirits is crafted for you makers, believers, and hustlers. We wanted to create a spirit that would be there for the low key moments, and the more tumultuous moments in life, too. With every sip, you’ll taste the dedication we’ve invested into our spirits.

Stillweather Spirits is a boozy collaboration between neighbors in the Portland area.

Our Gin

Our flagship gin is crafted in small batches and is intended to be bold yet balanced. We characterize this gin as a Long dry meet Western style as it’s juniper rich with hints of orange and pepper.

Available in Oregon in 750 ML bottles at 90 Proof for $27.95 from OLCC liquor stores.

gin bottles

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