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Hailing from all corners of the country,

we discovered a common bond in Oregon.


The three of us are neighbors in the Portland Area with a shared appreciation for locally produced goods and premium spirits. We believe our blue-collar backgrounds and our drive to work hard at something we love will translate to a brand you can relate with and trust and a product you will enjoy sipping and supporting.

Northwest is
  • a way of life
  • style
  • green
  • hard work
  • rainy
  • a mindset
  • sustainability
  • family
  • home

Stillweather Spirits is an American craft distillery producing premium gins. Craft gins offer opportunities for unique flavor profiles and craft inspired cocktails. We aspire to produce a true Northwest aged whiskey unique to the climate of the Pacific Northwest. We believe the craft spirit movement is about honoring the traditions and history of the past while adding a modern twist to the new age cocktail culture.

Easy to Use

Our spirit is complex enough and smooth enough to be sipped on its own or to be the backbone of any classic gin cocktail.

Our Baby

We created our spirits from only the finest ingredients. We work hard so we believe we deserve the best and so do you.

A neighborhood

We are serious about craft.


Our mission is to live and work in our community utilizing our local resources to become a part of the early adopter phase of American craft spirits and grow to be a key player in the successful modernization of American craft distilleries.

We are Stillweather Spirits


Jeff D'Achino

Owner and distiller

Ben Jeans

Owner and distiller

Erin D'Achino

Owner and office manager
Bottles shipped
Recipes invented
Pictures taken of beautiful skylines
Successful product launches